November 28, 2020 Off By Kyle Clouthier

At first glance all the night sights out there might appear the same; making it difficult to decide which one to go for. Hence there is a need to compare the best pistol night sights and their functions and features to help in making a decision.

The comparison needs to be done in terms of features like brightness, durability, size, target acquisition and price.

The sights that we are comparing today include,

  • XS
  • Truglo
  • Night Fision
  • Trijicon
  • AmeriGlo

Features of Comparison

  1. Brightness

 In terms of brightness, there is a clear winner. The AmeriGlo has a high visibility paint on the front sight that makes it a very brightly glowing light but pretty low when in comparison to the rest. The Truglo has a combination of tritium and fibre optics that makes it a but better. But the best is that of Night Fision because of the fact that they use the highest amount of tritium in their lamps making it the brightest one out there.

  1. Target Acquisition

 The XS has a variant called as Big Dot that allows for the best target acquisition however it becomes less accurate in cases of long distance shooting. Other sights from Truglo and Night Fision are accurate both for short distance as well as long range shooting. However its important to note that the ones that have the highest tritium has the best visibility as the others have a ring of paint that’s not easily visible in order to align and shoot precisely.

  1. Size

 With bigger rifles the concept of portability doesn’t quite matter and hence bigger sights can also be used. However, smaller sights are important in case of a carry gun so that you can snugly fit them in the holster. In such cases, the fibre optic sights variants of AmeriGlo and Truglo can’t be used because of their size. Almost all other sights are smaller in comparison and can be used efficiently.

  1. Durability

Its important to consider the durability of a sight. Pistol sights that utilize paint are likely to chip off over time and use. Some sights that use this paint are Trijicon and XS sights. While the Night Fision sights use a different polymer material for the front ring, hence making it the best in terms of durability in comparison to the rest of the sights.

  1. Price

 In case of Truglo sights, they are pretty expensive and their low rated variants don’t have all the good features. Trijicon are also pretty overpriced when it comes to their sights. The Big dot as well as the AmeriGlo sights are in a affordable price range, however their low features as well as low durability factors don’t make them efficient. Night Fision sights are again winners in terms of price as well as their overall performance.

Hence the most efficient choice in terms of all the above factors is that of Night Fision sights.