Features of some of the best shocks kit for f150

Features of some of the best shocks kit for f150

January 20, 2020 Off By Kyle Clouthier

Ford trucks are one of the best options these days and if you have the ford 150 truck then you must be knowing about all the positive aspects of the truck. But when it comes to having shocks then there is an issue with it. The hauling and towing capacity of this truck is beyond average but if you are looking for shocks then you need to install an additional kit. If you are looking for some of the best shocks kit for f150 then go ahead and here are a few tips that will help you choose the best kit for the purpose.

What is the problem with the shocks of ford 150

When you have a shock like that of the ford 150 then it becomes very uncomfortable to travel in rough terrain. There is no shock absorbers present and this creates difficulty as you can feel almost every bump or stone out there which makes the ride a very uncomfortable one. The shocks of the ford 150 are really bad and that is why it is important that you have an additional kit to fix this and have a more or less comfortable ride even on rough terrain.

Pocket-friendly prices

These shocks kit are not a very expensive item as they are just a tool kit. So, anything around 350 to 400 USD is fine as the price of these types of items. You can easily find a good kit in amazon or any other sites in this price range.

best shocks kit for f150

Features a shock kit set should have

If you are looking for a good quality shocks kit then here are some essential features that a good tool kit should have. Make sure you take them into consideration to have a kit that can effectively help you out.

  • MPN- 24- 187466/ 33- 187471
  • Internal design- preferably monotube
  • Body diameter โ€“ around 46 mm
  • Finish- zinc plated or even general paints works but the zinc plating is preferable
  • Boot included โ€“ black bellows or blue bellows works fine
  • Extended length- 21. 91/ 28. 03 inches to 21. 53/ 28. 7 inches works fine
  • Lower mount type โ€“ the eye of 20. 3 mm / eye 12 mm
  • Upper mount type- stem/ eye 12 mm
  • Weight- about 25 pounds or anything depending on your comfort of operation.

These are basic features that you will get in a good price range that can be pocket-friendly as well. So, if you are choosing a kit from any brand just check for some of these features. The measurements are said to suit the ford 150 truck the best. If you have any other vehicle then the measurements would be fluctuating. So, before you make a purchase cross-check according to the model you have.