Importance of X Ray and CT scan in urgent care

Importance of X Ray and CT scan in urgent care

September 16, 2021 Off By Kyle Clouthier

There are many situations that requires urgent care. In some conditions the symptoms given by the patients can’t give the diagnosis to the doctor. In such cases it is important to take the X Ray or CT scans of that particular area. They help in confirming about the diagnosis given by the doctor. The urgent care should be taken to the patients who have illness and injuries that doesn’t require immediate treatment but should be taken within a day. The CT scans plays an important role in the medical management and treatments. The CT scans help in the determining the surgeries when in doubt. You can decide whether to do surgery or not after the CT scan. The CT scan provides you the clear idea about the underlying cause for your illness. The CT scans can reduce the duration of hospitalization as it explains everything about the problem you were facing. The CT scan images exactly provides the idea to the surgeons about the site of operation. The CT scan provides a lot of medical information than the PET, MRI and other forms of diagnostic imaging techniques. The urgent care san Antonio provides the facilities for the CT scans and X Ray. You can come into the conclusion after such scans about your health issues

Working process of the CT scan:

  • The conventional X rays and CT scans will take the images of the internal structures of the body. The images in the conventional X rays may overlap due to the positioning of the person and the X ray tube. The images in the CT scan are perfect and don’t get overlapped
  • The internal anatomy of the organs are clear in the images of the CT scan. The overlapping structures can be easily eliminated in the CT scan images.
  • The X ray tube will rotate around the person in the CT scan imaging process. Thus it is chance to take multiple images at different angles.
  • The images taken in the CT scan can be stored in the computer for further analysis. You can create a new image if you are considering any particular image by removing any other overlying structures
  • The images of the CT scan can be analysed by the radiologists. They observe the internal structures and see their density, size, structure and shape.
  • The detailed information that you got from the CT scan can help the physicians to get a perfect diagnosis. The exact location of the problem can be revealed from the images of the CT scan. You can get the information from the CT scan images in seconds.


From this you can acquire the urgent care if any problem is noted in the CT scan images