Law Firm in Singapore- Attorneys on the go

September 22, 2021 Off By Kyle Clouthier

Have you ever been involved in a legal situation from where you are not able to escape? Or if someone has claimed an allegation on you of which you were not a part? I hope not, but if you ever find yourself in such a situation, all you need to do is hire an attorney to get you out of this trouble. Law firm in Singapore was ranked 4th in the year 2016-2017 for intellectual property protection by World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index. This excites foreign lawyers to come to Singapore and practice here with successful lawyers/attorneys.

Law in Singapore is very competitive. It requires pre-processing skills which include oral and written communication skills, lots of patience and precision, knowledge of legal laws of Singapore, client servicing, etc. For the first 5 years, it might be difficult for you while interning with different firms, but once you are all set, no one could stop you from being a successful lawyer. The connections you will make there will be on a very large scale. If you are planning to start your career, then Singapore Law Firm is the best place to start with. You will just have to register with Legal Service Regulatory Authority under Part IXA of the Legal Profession Act. And the plus point is you will not have to take any kind of courses or examinations.

Qualifications for being a lawyer in Singapore…

  • Age Criteria- You must have attained the age of 21
  • Personality and Character- Must have a good character with no criminal background.
  • Served Practice Training Period- The person must be qualified under Legal Profession Rules, 2011, and served practice training period.
  • Completed Coursed- One must have satisfactorily completed courses of instruction according to the Board of Directors of Singapore Institute of Legal Education under section 10.
  • Robust Compliance- You must know how to navigate through regulations and achieve robust compliance with statutory requirements.

It is a lucrative career and also being an intellectually challenging job with a lot of earning scope in this sector with a Law Firm in Singapore. They offer various types of unconventional careers in this field that you can easily choose from Immigration, public policy, financial securities, criminology, legal psychology, and many more careers. It opens the gates for your future career in innumerable opportunities among various industries. And if we have to consider the earning made by a lawyer in Singapore, in that case, an average, a lawyer makes there is close to Rs.360,000. And an offer like this, no one would ever refuse it.