Learn Everything About The Latest Condo Launch In Singapore

Learn Everything About The Latest Condo Launch In Singapore

September 8, 2021 Off By Kyle Clouthier

A condominium, sometimes known as a “condo,” is a privately owned individual apartment inside a larger community of units. Swimming, parking, elevators, and outdoor halls and gyms, to mention a few, are shared common facilities that apartment owners jointly own. While most condominiums are housed in tall structures, detached condos are available in select markets.

Condos and apartments may appear to be structurally similar, however the essential distinction between the two is ownership: You have a condo and an apartment that you rent.

While sharing expenditures might be beneficial, condo owners must typically adhere to extra regulations and community limitations. There may be aesthetic criteria to follow, such as a necessity to install the very equivalent windows as the other units. Simply said, you may not have total control over your condo selections, but you would have a lot more leeway with a house.

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