Public performance is not an interview!

Public performance is not an interview!

October 8, 2022 Off By Kyle Clouthier

Delivering speeches in public or performing in front of an audience needs lots of confidence. Many lack this or get anxious. Performing in front of an unfamiliar audience makes it more awkward for many speakers. It can occur with any public performer like a singer, dancer, entertainer, or lecturer. Even some people can get the fear of the camera too.

How to know that it’s stage fear?

There are many symptoms of stage fear. People can get plenty of sweat or maybe will start feeling cold, and the stomach could get upset or have a headache. Due to all these, people might leave the stage or keep standing without saying a word. Some people try to overcome their fear on stage by pretending to be confident, which leads to stammering while speaking.


How to prevent stage fear completely?

To cure stage fear, one will need a lot of courage to face the situation. Be yourself, don’t speak a made-up speech for the audience. Speak what you feel to share without a thought about what others will think. Be bold enough to face everyone in the audience with confidence. Try to speak from the heart and make eye contact with the listeners. The audience is not judging you. They are interested in hearing from you. Try to practice your social engagement- before giving your performance engage with your audience to know more about their mindset, interest, and thoughts. So, you would be able to match your thinking with them.


If you are talented, don’t keep it to yourself. Showcase it to others without any fear. Fight with your anxiety and self-doubt, and rock the stage! You will be amazed to see the after results. It’s just fear in our minds we can fight with it.

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