Second hand smoke – You are at risk

Second hand smoke – You are at risk

July 21, 2018 Off By Kyle Clouthier

When people who don’t smoke but absorb smoke from outside or from people who smoke, a great amount of nicotine enters a body. Nicotine along with other harmful chemicals enters our body. Breathing such chemicals is very harmful for our body. The longer time you are exposed to, the greater is the risk. If the exposure to such smoke is for five minutes also then it causes a problem with aorta, if exposed for around thirty minutes then there are chances clotting of blood taking place and also the level of fat deposited increases and if exposed for more than an hour then you have all possibilities to get a heart attack.

Second Hand smoke affects a lot of people with health risk too. Here is a look at a few situations where knowingly and unknowingly, the health of an individual is at risk.Second hand smoke

People working in bartenders and workers at service industry

People who are exposed more are definitely at a greater risk of their health. For example people who have to be with such people around always due to their work. They absorb this smoke, since they are surrounded with such people always and are bound because of their work. They inhale this carcinogenic smoke and also other harmful chemicals.


Children can’t judge what is right for them and what is not. If we see people around us smoking we can make the choice of moving out from there. But infants can’t make that choice; they don’t know what is right for them so they still breathe that harmful air and inhale all the chemicals that are harmful for them.

Unborn child

When a woman is pregnant, and f she is smoking, she is not only making it difficult for herself but also to the child that she has. These chemicals affect the child. In certain cases it also causes the death of the unborn child and if not death then it causes lung and heart problems to the child.

Steps that can be taken

If you are someone who smokes, quit it. There are many alternatives for smoking and taking tobacco that are not even harmful. Different sorts of chewing gums are available that will help you leave this habit. If your friends do it, be a good friend. Talk to them and guide them about the negative effects and how it will cause a threat to their lives. People who smoke will not leave that habit only because you tell them to do so. So take necessary steps for yourself and for your loved ones and family.

When you are travelling with someone in the same care, you can ask them not to smoke. This will at least lower your risk of inhaling that harmful chemical. Try to go to places where there is no smoking allowed. There are lot restaurants that let people strictly not to smoke. And don’t go to places where there is huge crowd. Also when your friends and others come to visit you, you can ask them not to smoke inside the house. Teach your children from an early age about the ill effects of smoking. If children at an early age are aware of the bad effects of smoking they will not be directed toward smoking even when they grow up.