Shared business calendar – that’s why it’s important

Shared business calendar – that’s why it’s important

September 10, 2022 Off By Kyle Clouthier

A company calendar allows you to keep track of all the main appointments of our business, remember commitments and manage time efficiently. Keeping a written and shared record helps to not forget anything. In a working context, the organization of commitments and time takes on great importance. This mainly concerns the commitments of a secretary or assistant who organizes and manages the appointments of her boss or other employees Cat Calendars.

The goals of a business calendar

Having a shared calendar is a necessity of every company , because it is an important tool that allows you to work in an orderly and efficient way. A corporate calendar contributes to:

optimize and plan weekly or monthly work

manage all appointments without forgetting anything

keep a written and shared record of the commitments and tasks assigned

improve employee work processes

increase efficiency within the office.

How to make a shared business calendar

Cat Calendars

What is the most correct method for drawing up a calendar? Surely a paper trace is necessary, but having an excel or cloud format also allows everyone to be always informed , to have the information they need always usable, to maintain a certain confidentiality and, above all, not to lose track of what done / to do.

Paper calendar : the weekly schedule exposed and visible to all allows everyone to be informed about the company activity . It can err on the side of confidentiality and is not manageable outside the office.

Calendar on computer : the use of programs, such as Excel for example, allow you to speed up the calendar , to be able to modify and duplicate it with extreme ease, to divide it by team or projects. Machining can be more laborious and everyone needs to have the same software version.

Calendar on web applications : calendars that can be created shared on the web or cloud software make everyone’s work easier and allow you to plan appointments and activities. They can always be consulted, they allow simultaneous viewing and management by multiple users and can also be viewed with criteria and filters.

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