What you need to know when purchasing a Vacuum Pump?

What you need to know when purchasing a Vacuum Pump?

October 9, 2019 Off By Kyle Clouthier

As you all know that a vacuum pump is an essential component of a system and it is extremely important for you to know what type is needed for your system. If not, it will make you loss of efficiency and productivity. Deciding a right one to buy is not a tedious task and with a few factors, you will definitely able to make an excellent choice.

gast vacuum pumpBelow given are a few things to consider before buying a vacuum pump:

Rate of flow – The first and one of the most important things to look at when you are thinking to buy a gast vacuum pump is its flow rate which is the amount of gas it displaces at a given time period. This rate is denoted by Q and is measured in units of m3/hr, m3/sec, or LPM. In order to find out this without any error, air leakage rate and the carryover vapor rate should be provided.

Vacuum Level – This level should be essentially known because it will help you to determine the type of vacuum pump you will need. It is important to make sure that whether the system requires a certain vacuum level and if so, you need to add extra pressure drop between there and suction.

Operational Temperature – The health of your vacuum pump can be affected by this temperature. Therefore, it is a must to check out its working temperature. Since they pull in the air, extreme temperature is created and it will affect their performance. So, you have to know how much temperature that a pump can hold.

Material Compatibility – Another thing to check is whether it works properly with chemicals. This is because vacuum pumps that are dry can bear acidic and corrosive vapors, whereas, on the other hand, liquid ring ones can work well with applications with physical impurities as well as water vapor.

Lubricant – Oil is the only component that keeps vacuum pump functional and efficient, and also it helps them to work without any friction. Its lifespan is even increased by lubricants and various vacuum pumps need different lubrication.

Power – One of the essential factors to have a gander at is power needed to run it. While selecting a vacuum pump, you need to check its efficiency and this will determine running cost also affects the control panel cost.

Hope this article assists you in finding the best vacuum pump.